February 2012

Challenges #0.01

19. february 2012 at 17:27 | Lucy |  Challenges
DEADLINE: 10th March 2012

RETOUCH Challenge featuring Lucy Hale
Pictures: Picture1 or Picture2
Save as: ch1_yourname_BC.jpg/png/gif
You can send 1 entry.

COLORIZATION Challenge featuring Ashley Benson
Pictures: Picture1 and/or Picture2
Save as: ch2_yourname_BC.jpg/png/gif
You can send 2 entries.

REGULAR Challenge featuring Shay Mitchell
Pictures: Gallery
Save as: ch3_yourname_BC.jpg/png/gif
You can send 1 entry.

REGULAR Challenge featuring Pretty Little Liars
Pictures: Gallery
Save as: ch4_yourname_BC.jpg/png/gif
You can send 1 entry.

+ICON Bluechalls

Entries #0.1

19. february 2012 at 17:27 | Lucy |  Entries
Challenge 0.1 [Retouch]
Challenge 0.2 [Colorization]
Challenge 0.3 [Regular]
Challenge 0.4 [Regular]


19. february 2012 at 17:15 | Lucy

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19. february 2012 at 17:14 | Lucy
REGULAR Challenge
-You can use only pictures from gallery
-You can use actions, textures, brushes, etc.
-Picture should be bigger than 400 pix. but smaller than 1500 (width)

BLEND Challenge
- || -
-Use your blending skills, collages aren't accepted (:

-Colorize black & white picture
-You don't have to make before and after
-Final picture shouldn't be smaller than 400 pixels (width)
-Don't stretch the picture!

RETOUCH Challenge
-Retouch picture
-You can add some make-up
-You can change color levels
-Make before & after (not required)

ICON Challenge
-100x100 px
-You can use only pictures from gallery, but you can
add textures, brushes, actions...